Firemen's Day

Firemen's Day, which is celebrated every second Saturday of August, is the Pincourt annual celebration since 1980.

The day’s highlights are without doubt the traditional parade of emergency and fire trucks, greatly appreciated by kids, the evening concert and the fireworks, acknowledged to be the most spectacular in the region. 

  • Firemen's Day History

    Created in 1980 by the Pincourt Firefighters Association at the initiative of Michel Bernier, former director of the Emergency and Fire Prevention Department, Firemen’s Day is Pincourt’s big annual family event.

    Having become a time-honoured tradition over the years, Firemen’s Day takes the place of Saint-Jean-Baptiste and Canada Day festivities in Pincourt.

    Its popularity is due in no small part to the many loyal sponsors who have helped make it one of the region’s biggest parties!

    Since it was created, the participation rate has never ceased to climb, with over 15,000 visitors now taking part.

  • 2018 Schedule

    Headliners in 2019

    Lady Beats




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    Friday, August 9


    Sunday, August 10





  • Emergency Vehicle Parade Route

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  • Information and public transport

    Public Transit

    To limit traffic on the streets, the Town of Pincourt strongly recommends the use of public transportation.

    The EXO - The Presqu'Île will offer its free bus service on circuits 31, 33 and 35:

    • Saturday, August 11, from noon to midnight
    • Sunday, August 12, from 1 pm to 4:30 pm

    For information on stopping points in Pincourt, visit


    • • In the surrounding streets of Monseigneur-Langlois Avenue
    • • Faubourg de l'Île: take the bus to go to the park (every 10 minutes)
  • Financial Partners

    Partner « Capitaine »



    Partner « Lieutenant »



    Thank you to all financial partners involved in this party!

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