Digger Wasps

In July and August, depending on the temperature, digger wasps (also called “sand wasps”) can be spotted in our municipal parks. Far from being specific to Pincourt, these wasps are found in cities and towns across Quebec.

The female wasps burrow into the sand to lay their eggs. Since sand is dry and compact, it is easy for wasps to excavate chambers in it.

Are digger wasps aggressive?

Since digger wasps do not have a nest to defend, they are not particularly aggressive. When people disturb them, they tend to keep their distance. Although the chances of being stung are quite low, however, it does happen. Anyone who is allergic to wasp stings should remain vigilant.

Even though some people may find their presence a cause for concern, digger wasps play an important role in our ecosystem. Among other things, they help pollinate flowers and prey on harmful insects.

What is the Town doing?

Digger wasps are usually seen during a period of just two to four weeks. For that reason, the Town is not carrying out any formal control operations for the time being. However, Pincourt does set up signs in playgrounds to warn users about their presence.


If digger wasps are active in a park you frequent:

  • Refrain from walking barefoot in the sand.
  • Do not play in the sand.
  • Dispose of food in the garbage cans provided.
  • If you are allergic to wasp stings, bring your medication with you at all times.