Self-Inspection Form


Important safety measures due to the Covid-19 Pandemic has prevented us to conduct our residential fire prevention visits.

Since we prioritize prevention activities, the Emergency and Fire Protection Department of the Town of Pincourt invites you to complete a self-inspection form for your residential smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

A way to save your life and the lives of loved-ones.

For additional information and assistance, do not hesitate to contact us at 514-453-8981 ext 335 or by email at:

Self-Inspection Smoke Alarm

Do you have a smoke alarm installed on every storey of your residence? *
Smoke Alarm in the Basement *
Smoke Alarm on Main Floor *
Smoke Alarm on the Second Floor *
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Carbon Monoxide (CO²) Alarm Inspection

Self-inspection of your carbon monoxide alarm? *