Colours in the Children's Corner

In the Children's Corner at the Pincourt Library, visitors can see the result of a cultural mediation called "Un monde de couleurs", created by Pincourt children.

In 2016, just before the end of the school year, the Pincourt Library asked the collaboration of students from schools in its territory to put colour in the Children's Corner, by participating in a collective creation of four paintings.

In June 2019, the Town approached the Garderie à la Claire Fontaine to finish the project. About 30 four-year-old children created a paper quilt to cover the table in the Children's Corner. The artist and animator of Articité artistic workshops, Mélanie Leclerc, was in charge of this beautiful project.

Young readers are invited to discover, rediscover and appreciate the Children's Corner of the Pincourt Library.