Compost Squad in Pincourt

To launch its information campaign about this new collection, the Town decided to raise citizen awareness in an innovative way with a bike squad, biodegradable balloons and t-shirts bearing the “From bin to earth” logo.

A “compost squad” of five cyclists biked through town on the afternoon of Thursday, September 20. Each bicycle had a bouquet of balloons attached to it. Squad members rode single file on the bike paths of Pincourt’s main streets, namely Cardinal-Léger Boulevard, 5th Avenue, Pincourt Boulevard and Forest Avenue, greeting the passing motorists.

Squad members also visited the St. Patrick's and Notre-Dame-de-Lorette schools at the end of classes to hand out balloons and answer parents' questions about the upcoming collection. This initiative elicited a positive response from both children and their parents.

Town vehicles were also decorated with biodegradable balloons.

Food waste collection in Pincourt

In Pincourt, food waste collection will start Monday, October 29, and the brown bin delivery period will begin October 9 and last two weeks.

Balloons were all biodegradable.