Dandelion Challenge

For a 2nd consecutive year, the Town of Pincourt is participating in the Dandelion Challenge.

The main goal of the Dandelion Challenge is to delay the first mowing of the lawn to give pollinators time to recover and other flowers, sources of pollen and nectar, time to bloom.

The Town also plans to leave some municipal land untouched to contribute to the collective effort of the Dandelion Challenge.

If you would like to participate in the challenge this spring, pick up a sign at City Hall and place it on your property.


Even low impact pesticides (or biopesticides) can have an impact on pollinators. To complete the Dandelion Challenge, the Town is encouraging citizens to not use pesticides on their property.


  • The key to successful lawn care is to start at the right time.
  • We all look forward to raking the lawn and leaves after the snow melts. 
  • There are biodiversity benefits to delaying cleanup:
  • Thatch feeds minerals to grasses, keeps the soil moister, shelters insects and protects delicate grass roots from sunburn. 
  • Felt is the layer of undecomposed or partially decomposed organic matter just above the soil, composed of a mixture of foliage, runners, rhizomes, dead leaves and roots. The felt layer is actually beneficial to lawn grasses. It acts as a natural mulch.
  • Wait until the soil is dry before starting to maintain your lawn. 
  • Let your grass grow in the spring to strengthen its root system and make it more resilient to pathogens.