Distemper Diagnosis Confirmed

This fall, the Town of Pincourt noticed the presence of dead skunks on its territory. According to a necropsy report from the Réseau canadien pour la santé de la faune, the cause of death was in fact distemper.

A macroscopic and histological examination of the tissues and molecular analysis (PCR) performed on a dead striped skunk confirmed the presence of the distemper virus infection. This infection would explain the death of the animal.

Distemper is a highly contagious disease frequently seen in striped skunks and raccoons in Quebec and Ontario. Although it can cause epidemics with a high mortality rate, the disease does not appear to have a long-term impact on populations. This virus can also affect domestic dogs. It is therefore essential to vaccinate them against this disease.

Because of the high frequency of this virus in wild populations, some of which live near humans, it is strongly recommended that all domestic dogs be vaccinated on a regular basis. In case of a bite or contact between a domestic animal and a wild animal suspected of having distemper, contact your veterinarian.

Fact sheet (in French): Distemper