All-in for a fifth Fleurons du Québec!

Pincourt currently has 4 Fleurons du Québec, and now wishes to garner a fifth.

What are the Fleurons du Québec?

The mission of the Fleurons du Québec program is to recognize the sustainable horticultural beautification efforts of Quebec municipalities.

The horticultural classification rating of the fleurons, similar to hotel star ratings (1 to 5 fleurons), is valid for three years and can be displayed in municipal entrances.

The Town of Pincourt currently has a classification of 4 fleurons, which means “Excellent. Remarkable horticultural embellishment in the majority of fields.” The Town is now looking to garner a fifth and final fleuron, which means “Exceptional. Spectacular horticultural embellishment in all areas.”

Together for a fifth fleurons

Recently, our Public Works team has pulled out all the stops to ensure the proper maintenance of municipal landscaping for the Fleurons du Québec classification visit.

The classifier will evaluate municipal and institutional properties as well as residential properties.

The Town of Pincourt relies on the collaboration of its citizens to pay particular attention to their property for this visit. To help us, citizens can maintain their lawn and clean their property.

The classifier will visit the Town during the week of August 19 to 23.

Thank you for your help!

Information on the Fleurons du Québec: HERE