Launch of the Sustainable Development Policy Project

On Monday, November 12, 2018, at the library, the Town of Pincourt officially launched the process that will lead to the adoption of a Sustainable Development Policy in the spring of 2019.

Following the adoption of its Social Development Policy in 2013, the Town of Pincourt now wants to adopt a Sustainable Development Policy. Pincourt is looking to integrate all aspects (ethics, culture, governance, economy, social, environment) of sustainable development fully into its municipal policies. To this end, the Town of Pincourt mandated Comité 21 Québec to carry out this project and develop the new policy.

“With its Social Development Policy, Pincourt had already laid the groundwork to enhance the quality of life and development of current citizens,” says Alexandre Wolford, City Councillor for District 1 and Chair of the Town of Pincourt's Sustainable Development Committee. “For its part, the Sustainable Development Policy sees further into the future and aims to safeguard future generations and consolidate all sustainable development pillars into a single policy.”

At the launch, citizens learned more about the current process and the next steps. 

Thanks to an interactive terminal, citizens got to share their vision for Pincourt over six sustainable development dimensions, namely: governance, social, economic, ecological, ethical and cultural. Previously, municipal employees were also asked to submit their views. Comité 21 Québec will use this input to establish the key principles to guide the Town’s future sustainable development activities.

Next steps

December 2018

Compilation of data collected via the interactive terminal

January 2019

Public consultation and survey

February-March 2019

Drafting and validation of the policy

April 2019

Public launch of the Sustainable Development Policy


What is sustainable development?

The 1987 Brundtland Report defines sustainable development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” In short, it means considering our children’s future in our approach to development. This type of development rests on a long-term vision that considers the environmental, social and economic dimensions of development activities as interdependent components of a greater whole.

Sustainable development offers a responsible way for a town to manage projects that reduce environmental impacts and increase positive contributions at the economic, social and cultural levels. In short, it fosters a quality living environment, the respect of natural environments, a diversified economy and a dynamic and evolving community.