Let's go for the Great Illumination 2022!

In order to renew the local offer for the traditional "Great Illumination", it was decided this year to update the concept to give it a more participative character that resembles Pincourt and what the entire local community wants to cultivate: living together in a town with a unifying spirit.

For this first edition, which is placed under the seal of the discovery route through the town to take advantage of the illuminations that each participant offers to the community, we are pleased to count no less than 31 places. This is already a great success. The participants are to be warmly thanked for this fine example.

In this festive season, we offer you this "route of lights". The interactive map will allow everyone to take advantage of it to make a happy road trip through our city in one or more times.

We are also pleased to announce that the operation will be renewed in 2023 and even expanded. Thus, the Town of Pincourt will organise in 2023 a competition of illuminations through the 2023 edition with gifts to be won in connection with this subject: You give to see, the town will help you to show!... The future jury will be composed in 2023 and will include participants from the 2022 edition who will be drawn at random.

We will have the opportunity to come back to this in 2023. Enjoy and see you soon.

Carte-maisons-illuminees.gif (2.03 MB)

Interactive map of the Grand Illumination 2022