Mural Unveiling in Memory of Myriam Gaudry

As part of the Journées de la culture, the Town of Pincourt has officially unveiled a mural created in memory of artist Myriam Gaudry on the exterior facade of the Omni-Centre facing the Desjardins Kiosk.

This work is an initiative of the Pincourt Design Committee in tribute to their friend who passed away on May 24. “L’envolée,” designed by Athanasia Antonopoulos, represents a pair of angel wings. A closer look at the wings reveals several drawings and shapes Myriam Gaudry loved and used in her own artwork.

Many artists contributed to this mural:

Design Committee:

Athanasia Antonopoulos
Denise Bergeron
Mélanie LaFrance
Laura Labrosse

With help of:

Francine Crevier
Isabelle Tremblay
Laura Labrosse
Mona Novac
Nicolas Novac
Madeleine Turgeon
Erin Wainwright
Marie-Josée Gélinas
Take a selfie in front of the wings and share it using the hashtag #lenvoleepincourt.