Ground Breaking of P-Town Plaza

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On May 9, the Town of Pincourt Town Council, as well as members of the Recreation and Community Services team met for the ground breaking ceremony of the future P-Town Plaza. They were surrounded by the course designer, Daniel Vezina of SpinWorks, and Stéphane Malenfant, of Tessier Récréo-Parc, the company responsible for the construction.

Over the years, the various municipal teams had noticed a lack of infrastructure to allow young and old alike to have fun. After several discussions and analyses, the decision was made to redevelop the skatepark in Olympique Park in order to increase the number of facilities available.

This new layout was designed by the professionals of Tessier Récréo-Parc, in collaboration with local experts in the field of extreme sports, including Daniel Vezina. The future location will offer a wide variety of 17 modules, such as quarter-pipes, rails, ramps, and jumps for skateboarders of all levels. As regards the pumptrack, it will be perfectly suited for cyclists, rollers and in-line skaters, offering a smooth and dynamic track. 

"This new facility will offer Pincourt residents a unique opportunity to practise all roller sports safely (skateboarding, rollerblade, BMX, etc.). We had an issue regarding infrastructures dedicated to youngsters of Pincourt, and I believe that this new venue will bring joy to many," said Pincourt Mayor Claude Comeau.

The P-Town Plaza development plan also takes into account the following factors: noise abatement, plant and sound screen to limit impacts on neighbouring residences, and no trees cut, thus minimizing environmental impact.

The grand opening of P-Town Plaza is planned for the summer of 2023.

(Group photo, from left to right: René Lecavalier, Sam Ierfino, Hugo Gendreau, Diane Boyer, Claudine Girouard-Morel, Simon Grenier, Francis Hamel, Denise Bergeron, Claude Comeau, Daniel Vézina - course designer, Stéphane Malenfant - Tessier Récréo-Parc)

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