New Parking Spots - Commuter Train: Closure Galipeault Bridge

  • In collaboration with the Faubourg de L‘Île, the Maxi Pincourt and Développement Iberville (Scotiabank and Remax), the Town of Pincourt,makes available to the train users new temporary incentive parking spots, until the reopening of the Galipeault bridge.

  • Customers of the Exo 1 Vaudreuil-Hudson line now have access to:
    - 171 spots at the Maxi of Pincourt, in the withdrawal of the parking for the grocery store customers;
    - 108 near Scotiabank and Remax, the Développement Iberville field;
    - In addition to the spaces in the Faubourg de l'Île;
    - For a total of 429 additive spots dedicated to commuter train users.

  • The Town of Pincourt thanks the different stores for their collaboration, as well as the train users for their courtesy. This initiative is part of the measures put in place to compensate for the road and the Galipeault bridge closures.

  •  Follow the signs.