Overnight Parking: What you Should Know

From November 15 to April 1, under all circumstances, it is forbidden to park in the streets, between midnight and 7 a.m. 

Why the restriction of parking in the streets?

  • To allow efficient and quick snow removal
  • To allow the passage of emergency vehicles
  • To help the road crossing of pedestrians

⚠️Erratum ⚠️

There has been a mistake on page 3 of the Info-Pincourt (winter 2018).


Unlike what is written, the Town will not tolerate parking in the streets even if there's no upcoming precipitation.


What you should have read is that the overnight winter parking by-law remains the same this year.


Our apologies for the confusion.



Since the Town is well aware of the inconvenience that winter can cause regarding parking, the Town offers eight night parking sites.

Following the purchase of a permit, you can now spend the winter with no worries.

Take a look in your mailbox

You will find an insert about overnight winter parking.

Distribution: by November 20, 2018


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