People with Disabilities: Creation of a Monitoring Committee

The Town of Pincourt is currently looking for members for its monitoring committee of the action plan for people with disabilities. 

Committee's Objectives

  • Follow up on the action plan
  • Contribute to planned actions
  • Participate in the process leading to the adoption of the next action plan

Frequency of the meetings

  • 2 or 3 times a year (depending on member’s availability)

Members of the committee:

  •  Municipal elected officials (2)
  • City representatives (2)
  • Representatives from community organizations and associations (2)
  • People with disabilities or parents of children with disabilities (3)

Send your application

Anyone wishing to be part of this committee must sum up their past experiences and motivations to get involved in a short letter to be received by March 9, 2019.

Send your application: 

• In person or by mail:

375 Cardinal-Léger Blvd.
Pincourt (Québec)
J7W 9H6

• By e-mail at 


Information about the action plan: People with Disabilities