Pincourt gets the Municipalité amie des enfants (MAE) certification

On Tuesday, February 5, 2019, Pincourt received the Municipalité amie des enfants (MAE) certification.

By signing the MAE charter initiative, a municipality commits to support the implementation of the Convention and promote the emergence of children’s projects within its municipality.

To date, in Quebec, 52 municipalities and one RCM have qualified for the Municipalité amie des enfants accreditation.


“The Town is already working for children. The accreditation we received today testifies to our commitment to the cause of children and set ourselves apart in this regard,” said Yvan Cardinal, Mayor of Pincourt.

With this goal in mind, the Town of Pincourt has committed to:

  • Include children in its next consultation aimed at setting up a citizen participation action plan. With the help of the Maison de la Famille, we plan to consult the children who attend Pincourt’s three primary schools.

  • Increase its Recreation and Leisure offering for its youth clientele (e.g., science courses, free gym, etc.) and hopes to introduce at least three new courses or activities to meet the needs young people aged 7 to 14.

  • Set up a parents' committee to oversee the offering of activities for stay-at-home parents or those on maternity leave.

About the Municipalité amie des enfants (MAE) accreditation

Launched in November 2009 in Quebec on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Municipalité amie des enfants Initiative is a UNICEF accreditation and recognition program led by Carrefour action municipale et famille.

The MAE accreditation symbolizes a municipality’s commitment to the well-being of children and the rights of children.

About Carrefour action municipale et famille

As a place of synergy, Carrefour action municipale et famille serves as a real driving force for all municipal stakeholders and ensures the convergence of local concerns regarding how to “think about and act for the family, for young and old.” It stands out for its unique expertise, proven over 30 years of direct involvement in the field.

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