Pincourt Launches Its First Sustainable Development Policy

Following a major consultation process begun in November 2018 with its employees and citizens, the Town of Pincourt finally launched its first Sustainable Development Policy.
The Town of Pincourt, with the participation of its elected representatives, its employees and its citizens will be committed and responsible towards the environment and socially inclusive, with a transparent and cooperative approach, while highlighting its culture, its identity and its multicultural heritage.

The Town of Pincourt unveiled the various components of its policy, such as the adoption of values in line with each dimension of sustainable development (ethics, culture, governance economy, social and environment).

During the consultation process, participants selected five values to guide the Town’s future actions: commitment, integrity, responsibility, collaboration and respect.

Led by Comité 21 Québec, this participatory approach aimed to integrate notions of long term sustainability by thinking of future generations and consolidate all the pillars of sustainable development in the same policy.

Moving forward, it will be everyone's responsibility to implement this policy on a daily basis. For the Town, this policy means approaching projects differently to reduce environmental impacts and increasing positive contributions at the economic, social and cultural levels. In other words, this policy strives to ensure a quality living environment, the respect of natural environments, a diversified economy and a learning and radiant community.

Pincourt Mayor Yvan Cardinal also announced that there was consensus among the Town Council for the forthcoming adoption of an action plan to put this policy into practice.

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