“Pincourt, on sème ensemble” Contest

Pincourt’s Health Town Committee has launched the “Pincourt, on sème ensemble” contest to set up a grass-roots movement with the aim of highlighting the actions of citizens and organizations that break isolation and counter social exclusion.
“We want to find out more about the existing initiatives that help people who are excluded or isolated and bring it to people’s attention. We also want to reward people and organizations for their efforts,” says Célia Corriveau, Head of the Social and Cultural Development Division for the Town of Pincourt.

One winner selected among the organizations and citizens that have applied will receive a $500 grant to pursue an interesting or innovative action to counter social exclusion. In addition, the winner’s name will be engraved on the “Pincourt, on sème ensemble” trophy, which will be exhibited at the Omni-Centre. Each participant or participating organization will see their action registered on the Pincourt’s website.

This contest is already set to take place again in 2019.

How to participate

To participate, fill the online form: HERE.

You can also send photos or videos of projects to

At the bottom of the form, it’s important to specify how you would use the $500 prize.

The Health Town Committee, with the help of Ms. Corriveau, will analyze each application according to a weighting grid.

The winner will be announced at the beginning of December.