''Pincourt, on sème ensemble'' winner

In September, the Pincourt Healthy City Committee launched for the first time the "Pincourt,on sème ensemble" contest, with the aim of highlighting the actions of citizens and organizations that break isolation and counter social exclusion. This year, Pincourt community gardens won the $500 grant.

The community gardens were created in 2004, in the backyard of low-rent housing (HLM) on chemin Duhamel. Eleven of the twenty-two gardens are reserved for the residents of the HLM, while the others are offered to Pincourt citizens. Over the years, this meeting place has allowed people to come out of isolation, fostered intercultural exchanges and meetings with neighbors, in addition to valuing people who are subject to exclusion.

"This project really stood out because it fits in every way with the objectives of Pincourt, on sème ensemble, launched by the Health Town Committee. The Community Garden members volunteered beyond their mission. They made a solidarity action towards the seniors of Pincourt." says Josée Maltais, president of Health Town Committee.

The community gardens committee wants to create communal gardens, separate from existing ones, made from reused pallets. The committee would also like to create about five individual raised gardens, in boxes made of pallets, to allow gardening at height.

The $500 grant will allow the Community Garden Committee to purchase the necessary equipment for the preparation of the gardening boxes. The money received will also be used to finance the purchase of an outdoor information board to facilitate communication between the gardeners, the committee, residents of public housing, and visitors.