Public Consultation on Sustainable Development

The Town of Pincourt will hold a public consultation on sustainable development. This meeting will lay the foundation for the Sustainable Development Policy to be adopted in the spring of 2019.

Date: January 31

Time: starting at 7 p.m.

Location: Omni-Centre


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This public consultation, led by the Comité 21 Québec, is open to all Pincourt citizens and is an essential step in identifying citizens’ sustainable development priorities.

During discussion panels held with small groups, citizens will be able to discuss future orientations for each of the six sustainable development dimensions (culture, governance, ethics, social, environment, and economy).

During the consultation, those present will be invited to express their views on:

  •  Sustainable development values relevant to Pincourt.
  • Sustainable development orientations Pincourt should prioritize.
  • Their vision for Pincourt in the next few years.

Following this meeting, Comité 21 Québec will gather all the data generated during the meetings held with employees and citizens.

The firm will then draft the first version of the policy that will be presented to a steering committee in February.