Voting simulation at Chêne-Bleu High School

The Pincourt Youth Action Committee, in collaboration with Chêne-Bleu High School, held a voting simulation for Secondary V students as part of the “Voters in Training” program.

Result of the voting simulation

On Thursday, September 27, students in their last year of high school simulated exercising their right to vote.

With 187 students voting, Philip Lapalme of the Parti Québécois party won this election simulation.

Initiation to Civic Life

To prepare for this simulation, the school organized an election round table on September 20, hosted by teacher David Ouellet. Four different political party representatives were present to address the main concerns of teenagers.

The students’ questions, which were prepared within the scope of an ethics and religious culture class, touched on health, education, the environment and living together in society. Teachers of contemporary world history at the school also covered the campaign.

The election round table was of great interest to the students, who had an extensive informal discussion with the candidates at the end of the debate. Students then had the opportunity to explore some of their questions in greater depth during a speed meeting activity organized by the Pincourt Youth Action Committee at the library. At this event, students were able to talk one-on-one with the candidates of their choice. Thirty students took part in this initiation to civic life activity.