Registration to Courses and Activities


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  • Registration Procedures


    Regular activities:

    • Registration now.
    • Open to all.

    Steps to follow to register online:

    1. Take a look at the courses and activities offered on this web page.
    2. When you are ready to register, go to our registration platform.
    3. Click on “Login“ to access your family file.
      - If you do not have family file, you will need to create your own family file, including all parents and members of your family.

      Recommendation: creating your family file can be done at any time before the official registration period.

      Have handy: Parent's social insurance number, children's health insurance number, and medical and emergency information.
    4. You can then proceed with your registration and payment, by credit card only (secured site).


    Please keep a reminder of your user code and password in order to be able to access your account, register to other activities and print your own receipts.

    Registration fees

    Registration fees are payable in full unless a payment plan is specified. An additional $10 fee will be charged for late registration.

    For activities offered by the Town, a $10 fee will be added to the regular price for non-residents.

  • Physical Activities

    Please refer to each activity for registration details and/or directly to the sports association concerned.

    Here is the list of all the courses and activities offered for the 2022 spring and summer season: 

  • Socio-cultural Activities

    Here is the list of socio-cultural courses and activities offered for the 2022 spring-summer season: 

  • Community Organizations
  • Pool
  • Refund Policy

    Refund Policy

    The original receipt is required for all reimbursements.

    1. The Town cancels an activity, the refund is 100 %.
    2. If the request is submitted prior to the activity, the refund is 100 % less 10$ administration fees.
    3. Once activityhas begun, requests for reimbursement will only be considered if accompanied by a relevant document (ex: medical certificate). The Town will only reimburse the portion of unused service, less 10$ administration fees. The portion of unused service is calculated as of the request date.
    4. Reimbursement requests received after an activity has ended will not be approved. For on-line registration payments made by credit card, reimbursement will be credited directly on the card used at time of registration or by cheque, at the Town’s discretion. The Town of Pincourt will not beheld responsible for interest charges incurred by the card owners.

      N.B.: Each associationhas its own reimbursement policy which may vary from the Town of Pincourt’s.

    Waiver of liability

    The Recreation and Community Services and the various organizations will not be liable for any accidents which
    occurred during an activity.

    Personal property lost or stolen in public lockers (schools, pool, etc.) is the sole responsibility of each participant.

    We recommend personal insurance coverage.