Emerald Ash Borer

Did you know that the emerald ash borer poses an economic and environmental threat in both urban and forested areas?

The emerald ash borer, a small metallic green insect with a narrow, elongated body, has been a hot topic for quite a while now. This voracious pest attacks and kills almost every species of ash tree. If we don’t take action right away, our ash trees will all die.

Not only does the insect feed on ash leaves, but the female lays its eggs under the bark and in trunk and branch crevices. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae dig tunnels and feed on the tree’s vascular tissues. The result? Nutrients and water can no longer be transported to the top of the tree, which dries out and dies.

Information: http://agrile.mrcvs.ca/

  • Symptoms
    • Growing of unusual shoots at the base of the trunk
    • Thinning crown
    • Reduced leaf density
    • Small D-shaped exit holes
    • S-shaped tunnels beneath the bark, filled with fine sawdust
    • Vertical cracks in the trunk
    • Heavy seed production
    • Premature yellowing of the tree at the end of summer
    • Uneven bud formation in spring
  • Solutions

    My ash is healthy and I want to keep it.

    Treat your ash trees with TreeAzin.

    To make sure they survive, have them treated by a professional arborist at the recommended intervals.


    The quality of life that trees provide is important to me.

    Plant trees in keeping with the principle of biodiversity.

    To replace your ash trees plant new species, making sure you plant the right tree in the right place and at the right time.

  • Take action!

    Make an appointment today with a professional arborist to have your ash trees checked. Contact the Société internationale d’arboriculture Québec Inc. (SIAQ).