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Permit Request

Are you doing renovation, construction or demolition work on your property? The first step is to obtain a permit from the Urban Planning Department.

Urban Planning Department
Phone: 514 453-8981, ext. 332

IMPORTANT: Place your permit in plain view throughout the entirety of the work.

  • Permit required


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  • Why get a permit?

    The purpose of obtaining a permit is to make sure your project adheres to all municipal by-laws. For every type of project, there are certain standards that must be met to ensure a harmonious urban environment. The inspector-technician’s job is to help you make your plans a reality.

    The inspector-technician will ensure that your work meets all Town standards related to zoning, architecture, construction quality and environmental protection. He or she will also explain all the documents you need to complete your request for a permit.

    If you start a project without a permit, you may receive a ticket. To avoid this situation, contact an inspector-technician right at the start.

  • Submit a request


    1. Contact your inspector-technician:
    - 514 453-8981, ext. 332

    2. You will need to provide the following information:
    - Detailed plan of the project (dimensions, location, etc.)
    - Name of contractor and contact information
    - Total cost of the work (include the estimate and a copy of the contract)
    - Schedule of work

    3. The inspector-technician will review your application. If any information is missing, the inspector will contact you. Please allow up to 20 days for your permit to be issued.

    4. When the permit is ready, the Urban Planning Department will contact you to pick it up at Town Hall, sign it and proceed with payment.

    5. Important: please put your permit in a location visible from the street for the duration of the work. You have six months to start the work and one year to complete it.

  • Work that does not require a permit

    All interior work, which is non-structural and does not exceed $5,000 in value, does not require a permit.


    • Wood shed
    • Changing existing wiring or electrical panels inside a main or secondary building
    • Installation of a winter carport
    • Installation of eavestroughs
    • Planting a hedge (1 m in front yard)
    • Dock
    • Replacement of floor coverings
    • Replacement of fittings, distribution piping or above ground drainage
    • Repair of guardrail (without replacing it)
    • Roofing (replacement with materials identical to those already in place)
    • Interior and exterior painting or decorating
    • Garage sales