Contract Management

The main objective of this by-law is to assure citizens that the money spent on the acquisition of goods and services is in accordance with a proper administration.

To award any service, construction or supply contract for an amount equal to or greater than the threshold set by the government ($133,800 in 2024), a municipality must issue a public call for tenders.

Current calls for tenders

The Town of Pincourt publishes its public tender notices in the Constructo newspaper and on the Système électronique d'appels d'offres (SÉAO).

To view current calls for tenders, consult the SÉAO link.

Contracts awarded

The Système électronique d'appel d'offres (SÉAO) provides information on contracts awarded by the Town of Pincourt.

List of contracts over $2,000 totalling more than $25,000 per supplier in accordance with section 477.6, paragraph 2 of the Cities and Towns Act.

For  more information, please contact:

Town Clerk and Communication Department
Phone: 514 453-8981, ext. 346

  • Reception of Complaints


    Following the adoption of the Act to promote the supervision of contracts of public bodies and establish the Autorité des marchés publics, all municipal bodies must have adopted, by May 25, 2019, a procedure for receiving and examining complaints made in connection with the awarding of a contract following a public call for tenders or a notice of intent to award to a sole supplier a contract by mutual agreement involving an expenditure equal to or greater than the threshold for a public call for tenders.

    Eligible complaints can only be made for contracts valued at $133,800 or more*. Complaints must be submitted using the official form of the Autorité des marchés publics, available at the following address : .

    The procedure for handling and examining complaints is included in sections 73 to 78 of the Contract Management Regulation 877-01.

    • Date;
    • Identification and contact details :
        o Name
        o Adress
        o Phone number
        o E-mail adress
    • Identification of the bid:
        o Bid solicitation number
        o SEAO reference number
        o Title

    • Detailed statement of reasons for supporting the complaint;
    • If so, any document set to support the reasons for the complaint;
    • Any other information required in the form détermined by Public Procurement Authority.

    Admissibility of a complaint
    To be admissible, a complaint must be :

    a) must be filed by a person or group of persons interested
    b) sent electronically to the person in charge identified in the procedure. 


    c) filed on the form determined by the Autorité des marchés publics;
    d) filed with the municipality not later than the complaint filing deadline indicated on the electronic tendering system approved by the Government SEAO;
    e) on an ongoing public call for tenders;
    f) on the tender documents publish on the Government SEAO;
    g) based on one of the grounds listed in section 74 of By-law 877-01.

    Notice of Intent - Sole Supplier
    The town must, at least 15 days before entering into a contract by mutual agreement under subparagraph 4 of the first paragraph of section 13, publish in the electronic tendering system a notice of intention allowing any business to express its interest in carrying out the contract.

    The notice of intention shall indicate, in particular:

    (1) Name of the enterprise with which the public body intends to conclude the contract by mutual agreement;
    (2) Detailed description of the needs of the public body and the obligations provided for in the contract;
    (3) Expected date of conclusion of the contract;
    (4) Reasons invoked by the public body to conclude the contract by mutual agreement despite the fact that it involves an expenditure equal to or greater than the public tender threshold;
    (5) Address and the deadline fixed for an enterprise to express its interest electronically and demonstrate that it is capable of carrying out the contract in accordance with the needs and obligations set out in the notice of intention, which date is five days before the date on which the contract is to be entered into.

  • Contract Management Report