Water System and Sewer

Learn all about watermain breaks, annual flushing and sewer backups.

As soon as you have a problem with the water or sewer system, call the Public Works Department at 514 453-8981, option 5.

If an incident occurs outside our office hours, meaning in the evening, on a weekend or on a holiday, dial 3-1-1 immediately.

  • Sewer backups

    After receiving your call, an employee will be dispatched to the site to check the sewer main in the street. If the main is blocked there, the Town will carry out the repairs at no cost to you.

    However, if the back-up is due to a blocked sewer lateral, which is the line that runs between your home and the street main, you will have to pay the cost of any repairs. Different rates apply, depending on when the operation is carried out (in particular, the time of day and the day of the week).

    For Public Works to carry out the repair, you will be required to sign a work authorization form beforehand.

    Have you located your cleanout plug?

    To unblock the sewer, your cleanout plug must be easily accessible. It is generally located near your main water valve, inside your house in the basement.

    If the cleanout plug is inaccessible or covered by flooring, municipal employees are not allowed to remove the obstruction.

  • Watermain breaks

    If you notice water spurting into the street or if your water pressure is low, a water main break is probably the cause. This occurs when the water main breaks underground in your street.

    To repair the line, the water supply to the area in question must be shut off temporarily. You will hear a signal from a truck, alerting you that the water will be cut off imminently.

    The duration of the work depends on how long it takes to repair the leak. The water supply will be restored as soon as the work is completed.

    Once the water supply has been restored, your tap water may have a yellow or brown colour. Let your cold water run until it becomes clear. Then repeat this operation with all the other taps in your house.

    This step is necessary if you want to rinse your indoor plumbing lines and the water service pipe connecting your home to the municipal water main.

  • Frozen main

    In the wintertime, colder temperatures can cause the water system to freeze up, a problem that becomes apparent when you turn on the tap and no water comes out.

    If you believe that a water line is frozen, notify Public Works. A team will be dispatched to the site to look into the situation and advise you on how to proceed. Depending on the problem, they may refer you to a contractor who can thaw out the line.

  • Flushing and inspections

    To ensure the quality of our drinking water, the Town of Pincourt has to perform yearly maintenance on its water system. Among other things, it must inspect every hydrant and carry out a unidirectional flushing of its water system.

    Fire hydrant inspection

    In accordance with the Vaudreuil-Soulanges RCM’s risk management plan, the Town of Pincourt hires a firm to inspect its fire hydrants. The firm is responsible for identifying the water system’s capacity, any areas prone to leaks and the condition of the infrastructure. In short, the inspection of the Town’s fire hydrants aims to ensure they are in good working order.

    Unidirectional flushing

    Unidirectional flushing of the water system is carried out to dislodge any deposits in water lines and ensure the quality of water throughout the system. In the long run, an accumulation of deposits can reduce flow and water pressure in the water system, making an annual flush very important.

    To clean the water system, the speed of water circulation in the lines is increased through strategic manipulation of fire hydrants and water main valves.

    Disruptions to be expected

    During the inspection, you might notice a slight drop in water pressure or a discoloration of your water. You may also hear the noise of the truck and the flow from the hydrants.

    The discoloration is caused by rust particles which have been dislodged from the pipe sides.

    Be sure to check the colour of your water before you use it.

    If your water is reddish or yellowish, turn on your cold water tap and let the water run until it is clear. Repeat this operation with all the taps in your home.

    The coloured water does not pose any health risk. In addition, once the water is clear again, there is no need to boil it before drinking.

    Once they have been set, water system flushing dates are posted on signs at Town entry points and other locations.

  • Curb stops

    It is very important to know where your curb stop (sometimes called a “service box”) is located. The curb stop is a water shut-off valve for your home. It is critically important if your main water valve becomes defective.

    There are two places where you can shut off your water supply in your home:

    • The main water valve, generally located in your basement;
    • The curb stop (or service box), located in front of your house along the property line.
     Don’t have any idea where your curb stop is? Call the Public Works Department.

     A team will visit your home to locate your curb stop using special equipment. Once it has been found, it can be adjusted as required.

    To open or close your curb stop, contact the Public Works Department. Fees are charged for emergency shut-offs on weekends.