Since 2005, the Emergency and Fire Protection Department has included a division dedicated to prevention. Its mission is to prevent fires by studying past incidents, conducting awareness campaigns, visiting homes and businesses and enforcing strict by-laws.

To ensure citizens’ safety, fire prevention inspectors enforce standards and municipal by-laws in keeping with the Vaudreuil-Soulanges RCM’s risk management plan.

  • Awareness-raising activities

    In prevention, a great deal of the work centres on education. Every year the Department visits the Town’s four schools, its daycare centres and its low-income housing to encourage children and seniors to take certain safety precautions.

    The Department also organizes information stands at various events, including the Fire Station open house, the “Grande Évacuation” and Firemen’s Day. The goal is to educate the public about fire safety.


  • Home inspections

    The Emergency and Fire Protection Department visits close to 1,000 homes every year, especially in the summer, to check that smoke detectors and other fire safety equipment are working properly.

    During their visit, the inspectors will test your smoke detector using simulated smoke. They will then check your heating system and electrical panel to look for potential fire hazards. You’ll also receive tips on making your home safer and how to prepare for a range of emergency situations.

    If you’re not at home when our inspectors stop by, they will leave a door-hanger with the Department’s telephone number so that you can make an appointment for another day.

  • Business inspections

    Businesses are required to meet the standards and regulations established under the Construction Code and the fire prevention code in effect in Pincourt. Consequently, our fire prevention inspectors also visit Pincourt’s businesses to maintain an adequate level of fire safety for personnel and customers.

    During their visit, they note any anomalies and issue notices of non-compliance. The owners will then have to make the required changes promptly.