Planning Advisory Committee

The Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) is a committee mandated by Town Council to provide advice on various planning and land use applications.

The recommendations and opinions of the PAC allow the municipal council to hear from elected officials and citizens, who can express their experience of living in the municipality and their particular concerns for the development of their territory.

The establishment of a PAC, therefore, brings citizens closer to planning issues.

Role of the committee:

To give its opinion on different cases such as:

  • Application for minor exemptions to the by-laws;
  • Request for a site planning and architectural integration program (SPAIP);
  • Requests for amendments to zoning, subdivision, construction, and permit and certificate by-laws.

Composition of the committee:

  • 2 municipal councillors
  • 4 Pincourt residents

Duration of the mandate: 2 years

Committee meetings: monthly or as needed

  • PAC Members


    • Ian D. MACLEOD
    • Vincent SPINELLI
    • Laurie TALLUTO
    • Maria GHEORGHIU

    Municipal officials

    • Claude COMEAU, Mayor
    • Claudine GIROUARD-MOREL, Councillor of district 5

    Municipal administration

    • Etienne BERGEVIN-BYETTE, Town Manager
    • Richard DUBOIS, Director of the Urban Planning Department
  • Call for applications
    Interested in getting involved with the PAC?

    No professional requirements are necessary.

    Send your application to:

    Richard Dubois
    Director of the Urban Planning Department