Rousseau Woodland: Written Consultation

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Since its creation, the Social Development Policy has injected new energy into Pincourt thanks to ideas that unite the Town’s residents and reflect their needs and aspirations.

Here are a few achievements we owe to the Social Development Policy:

  • Childen's Song of Pincourt
  • Creation of citizens’ committees (Youth Action Committee, Intercultural Committee, etc.)
  • Organization of an intercultural festival, a Senegalese night and a Caribbean night
  • Organization of a “Welcome to new residents” day
  • Redesign of the municipal newsletter and website
  • Development of the Library-to-Go service
  • Development of Mondays in the Parks programming
  • Launch of a program of activities for the 5/30 Health and Wellness Challenge
  • Organization of the Skatefest
  • Organization of the P-Town Rapfest
  • Cooking classes for young people
  • Resume workshops