Commissioner for Oaths

If you require the services of a commissioner for oaths or if you need a certificate of existence or a certificate of residence, contact the Town Clerk.

The role of a commissioner for oaths is to certify an individual’s oath or solemn affirmation regarding the authenticity of a specific document.

Here are some sample situations where an attestation from a commissioner for oaths may be required:

  • Permission given by a parent allowing a child to travel with the other parent
  • Invitation extended to a family member living abroad to visit Canada
  • Statement confirming that one person lives with another
You are responsible for drafting the letter that you want to have certified. Your document must be signed in the presence of the commissioner, at the Town Hall.

For information on what to write in a letter of invitation, visit the Government of Canada’s website.

  • Make an appointment

    To meet with a commissioner for oaths, make an appointment by calling:

    Nathalie Chénier
    514 453-8981, ext. 346

    When you are here, you will have to present one piece of identification with a photo and your signature.

    You will also have to pay the $5 charge.


  • Certificate of existence

    A certificate of existence may be required for individuals receiving pensions from other countries when the organization paying the pension demands proof that the beneficiary is still alive.

    To have a certificate of existence certified, simply bring your forms and a piece of identification with your signature to the Town Hall. The personnel will ensure that the required information is provided and stamp the documents with the official seal.

  • Forms