The Public Works Department has to carry out daily maintenance on 70 km of streets, 11 km of sidewalks, around 15 parks and much more.

All requests related to street, lighting or sign maintenance should be submitted to the Public Works Department at 514 453-8981, option 5.

  • Spring Clean-up

    Every spring, the Public Works Department carries out an extensive clean-up operation to remove any traces of salt or abrasives left in our streets after the winter.

    Although the exact schedule changes from year to year, the operation always begins as soon as possible. It takes about three weeks to clean up the entire town, after which our team then repeats the operation as needed.

    How do we go about it? Using a high-pressure water hose, a tank truck dislodges any dirt or grime in the middle of the road and shoots it over to the side. Then, a mechanical street sweeper picks up the debris at the side of the road using a vacuum system.

    If your property is damaged (split asphalt, torn-up sod, broken support walls, etc.) by the Town’s snow removal operations, please notify the Public Works Department. It will make the required repairs without cost in the spring, as soon as it receives the necessary materials and the snow has melted.

    However, the Town will not pick up any debris on your property.

  • Snow Removal

    Every winter, the Town of Pincourt has to ensure that snow is cleared and salt or abrasives are spread on about 70 km of streets.

    Snow removal operations get under way whenever there is snowfall or as soon as there is a 2,5 to 5 cm accumulation on roadways.

    Snow removal deadlines

    Quantity of snow (in cm)


    10 cm

    8 h

    20 cm

    12 h

    30 cm

    25 h

    However, deadlines are extended if there is any additional snowfall.

  • Streetlights

    The Town of Pincourt has no fewer than 1,200 streetlights and 300 lights at parks and sports fields, not to mention traffic lights at four intersections and municipal building lighting. All that infrastructure requires occasional maintenance.

    To report a defective streetlight, meaning one that is out or on intermittently, contact Public Works. Be as specific as possible when describing the streetlight’s location (the closest address or intersection, visual cues, etc.).

    Streetlights are repaired every two weeks. The list of repairs to be done is sent on to the electrician as soon as it contains five items.

  • Potholes

    Due to the effects of freezing and thawing, holes can often be seen in our streets in the spring. Commonly called “potholes,” these holes can damage our road system and vehicles. To prevent that damage, the Public Works Department conducts extensive pothole repairs.

    If you spot a pothole in the street, contact the Public Works Department. Be as specific as possible when describing its location (the closest address, the street and intersection, etc.).

    A team will usually be dispatched to the site of the pothole during the same week to make the repair. In wintertime, cold-patch asphalt is generally used as a temporary solution. With the arrival of the spring and in the summer, Public Works is able to fill and patch the potholes more permanently.

  • Signs

    To report a missing street sign or a broken stop sign, contact the Public Works Department. Its staff will replace or repair the sign as soon as possible.

    Traffic lights

    The Town of Pincourt is responsible for the traffic lights on Cardinal-Léger Blvd. at the corners of 5th Avenue, Joseph-Laflèche Street (at the Maxi) and du Traversier Blvd.

    The traffic lights at the Highway 20 on and off ramp are the responsibility of the Ministère des Transports.

    Defective traffic lights

    If you notice any defective traffic lights, please notify the Public Works Department without delay. A team will be dispatched to look into the situation. If the lights aren’t working, temporary stop signs will be installed until a company specialized in urban lighting carries out the repair.

    If you would like to file a complaint regarding traffic light synchronization, send it to the Public Works Department, which will forward it to the Ministère des Transports. The synchronization of traffic lights on Cardinal-Léger Boulevard is based on the sequence of the lights belonging to the Ministère des Transports, near the overpass.