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Municipal Assessment Roll

The municipal assessment roll is a summary of the inventory of all properties (buildings and land) within the territory of Pincourt.

It shows the real or market value of each property, meaning its approximate commercial value on a free and open market. The assessment roll is the basis on which the Town’s fiscal burden is shared by taxpayers.

In accordance with law, the assessment firm, which is selected through a call for tenders, draws up the assessment roll for three consecutive fiscal years. In other words, unless you make changes to your property, the real value entered in the roll will remain the same for the three years in which the roll is valid.

A rise in taxable values can usually be attributed to an increase in market values at the time of a new assessment roll or to the construction of new buildings within the Town’s territory.

  • Review of the assessment roll

    Following receipt of your notice of property assessment or notice of alteration, you have 60 days to request a review of the assessment roll. To contest the value shown in the roll, you must complete a form and return it to the Town Hall. Administrative fees are charged for reopening your file.

    Your application will be reviewed by the assessor who drew up Pincourt’s assessment roll. The assessor will inform you in writing of his or her conclusion: either to propose a change to the assessment roll, or to maintain the status quo.

    Application for review of the municipal assessment roll

  • Property inventory

    Every nine years, the Town of Pincourt carries out an inventory of the immovables (buildings and land) on its territory, as required by Quebec’s Act respecting municipal taxation. The inventory is used to prepare the assessment roll for the purposes of school and municipal taxation, based on the value of each housing unit, lot or building.

    An assessment firm is hired by the Town to visit every property over a three-year period. When it’s your turn, you will receive a letter in the mail notifying you that the assessment firm will be visiting you in the immediate future. To assure you that the assessors visiting your property represent the selected firm, they will carry photo identification and a letter signed by the Town.

    Under the Act respecting municipal taxation, you must allow the assessors into your home. They are also authorized to take pictures outside your building.

    All visits take place between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm, Mondays to Fridays.

  • Supplementary taxes

    Over the course of the year, if you make any changes to your property that affect its assessed value, you will receive a supplementary tax bill. Supplementary taxes must be paid in a single instalment if the amount is less than $300, or in three equal instalments if it is more than $300.

    Payment Calendar

    1. The first instalment is due 30 days after the bill is posted.
    2. The second is due within 90 days of the first deadline.
    3. The third is due within 90 days of the second deadline.