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Alert Siren

Since 2020, a warning siren has been installed at Shamrock Park to alert the population in the event of a major accident.

The siren was installed at Shamrock Park because of its proximity to 5th Avenue and the businesses that are close to the train tracks.

In the event of a major accident (train derailment, tornado, riot), the siren will serve as a warning to the public. It is possible to hear the signal from a distance of 2 km.

In the event of an imminent danger, a sound signal will be heard to prompt citizens to confine themselves as quickly as possible to their homes or to a safe place nearby.

514 453-8981, option 7

  • Reasons to use the alarm

    The security department will trigger the siren for different reasons:

    1. For tornado watch, violent winds of over 110 km/h or any other weather-related emergency.
    2. A request from the police department (civil unrest, armed individual, etc.).
    3. A hazardous material spill or leak (train, road or industrial accident).
    4. Any other situation judged necessary.
    5. The annual test.
  • Recognize the alarm

    The siren can be triggered with two different modes.

    1. Alarm signal: wail tone gradually alternating between a high pitch and a low pitch during a three minute period.

      When you hear this first signal mode, you should seek shelter as soon as possible. It is important to remain calm and not to panic. Information from the town will follow any activation of the siren.

    2. ”Return to normal” signal: stable continuous tone during a three minute period.

      When you hear this signal, it means that the situation is back to normal and you can go back to your regular activities.
  • What to do if I hear the signal?

    To know what to do when you hear the alarm signal, you only have to remember the acronym: SAFE.

    Safe - Avoid - Follow-up - Everyone
    • Safe: Immediately find a safe place to take shelter.
      Avoid: Avoid any contact with the outside environment by closing all your windows and ventilation systems.
    • Follow-up: Look for follow-up information on the radio, tv, social media, Info-P or any other reliable source of information. It is also very important to keep your phone handy.
    • Everyone: Stay inside and await further instructions or the ‘’return to normal’’ signal. Emergency teams will come to escort you in the case of an evacuation

    Subscribe to the Town of Pincourts Info-P announcements to stay up to date with the the state of the situation.

    When the siren stops, wait for the three minute continuous signal before resuming activities.